Ceremóniamester - Hervai Misi
mihaly@hervai.hu | +36 30 997 2071
I attended to an art school at the age of 5, and I was planning to live my life as a man of theatre. I had always great interest in entertaining and humor. From the age of 14 I did standup shows and worked as MC at different programs and ceremonies. In 2006 I made it to the semifinals at the Humor Festival of the Hungarian Radio in author category.

The first time I was wearing the traditional ribboned hat was at the wedding of my brother-in-law. He wanted to have a modest wedding feast, altogether there were only ten of us. Still I intended to make that day special, so I rhymed throughout the entire afternoon. In the restaurant we were sitting around a single table, nevertheless I was doing the “show” just as if at least two hundred guest had been invited. Later on, when one of my friends was getting married, he “officially” requested me to be his best man. So I found myself in the middle of a wedding feast organized for one hundred and seventy guests, where everybody was waiting for my advice and instructions - ever since there is no stopping.

People are not the same; that is why I think each wedding is “custom-made” - I only make suggestions, but I do not want to realize my ideas at all costs.

In most of the cases I am only a “contingency reserve”, because if the wedding guests are having a wonderful time, I will not stop them for any reason. I continuously keep in touch with the photographer, the cameraman, the band, the waiters, and, of course with the married couple and their guests. I am monitoring the atmosphere of the partying in order to make everything happen at the exact time and place if when and where it is the best to happen.

If there is a power-cut while the food is being heated, so I cannot provide hot food, and the band is unable to play either, then I am “sweating blood”, but I am trying to save the day anyway. One thing is sure, though: if you stay best man for a while, then you must be doing it right, otherwise the wedding guests simply send you home for not performing perfectly. The feeling when they thank me for my job at dawn is irreplaceable for me. It is a very good thing to make other people’s most important says even more beautiful.

For your English-speaking guests I do something formerly said to be impossible: I rewrote my wedding poems in English - so I can present a truly bi-lingual Hungarian-style wedding.